Department Of Applied Sciences

Department Of Applied Sciences

The foundation of all the Engineering courses are based on the concepts of Applied Sciences and Mathematics. Engineering students imbibe the fundamentals in this Department during the first year of B. Tech. Program. They learn the basics of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with a view to apply them to solve the Engineering problems. English & Communication Skills, Bio-technology, Economics, Management and Environmental Sciences are taught to them and they are exposed to Manufacturing Processes, Engineering Graphics, Electrical Technology, Fundamental of Computer Programming, Elements of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Elements of Mechanical Engineering by competent and well qualified faculty.


The department has a team of more than 22 well qualified experienced and dedicated Faculty members under the supervision of Dr. Bhawna Pareek having more than 12 years of experience and leadership of Mr. K.D. Sharma having more than 14 years of experience to provide instructions in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Environmental Sciences, English & Communication Skills and Economics & Management. Applied Sciences has the distinction of having three Ph.D. teachers to teach to the students of First year.


All the laboratories in the Department of Applied Sciences have latest set of kits, instruments and equipments. Students work with sophisticated instruments like He-Ne Laser, Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope, Fresnel's Biprism, Stewart and Gee's Apparatus, Newton’s ring, Telescope, Microscope, Polarimeter, Hall Effect apparatus, Thomson’s apparatus for e/m ratio, Sonometer, Flame Photometer, Conductometers, Pensky-marten flash point apparatus, several Viscometers and Water Deionizer etc for conducting experiments.

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