Campus Facilities

Hostel Facilities

A Place to Feel at Home

Hostel accommodation at SDDGPI are so comfortable and well- maintained that one feels always at home. An environment inhibiting students across nations provides a place ideal for nurturing life and lasting relationships. The facilities at hostels include the best food, furniture, light and other utilities apart from parentally care of wardens. The in-house common rooms are equipped with T.V., indoor games and other means of recreation.

Medical Facilities

To your Wellness

At SDDGPI, we take utmost care for the health of our students. The campus incorporates a general hospital, dental hospital, nursing institute, a chemist shop, all to provide instant medical aid to ensure well-being of the students as well as the staff A 100 - bedded general hospital equipped with advanced clinical laboratories, medicines stock, qualified and experienced team of doctors not only provides medical aid to the inhabitants but also reaches out to the neighboring villages and towns for medical help.


Place of Worship

The campus facilitates students to pay obeisance at a beautiful temple in a peaceful corner. Havans and religious ceremonies are a regular part of the college activities. This provides a tranquil atmosphere necessary for studies, meditation and purgation of thoughts.


Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy !

Health is the most important issue to be taken care of at SDDGPI. A regular check is kept over the eatables to be maintained to have wholesome nutrition at cafeteria. The menus list variety of food items such as juices, milkshakes, ice-creams, snacks apart from Indian home-made dishes. Chinese and continental foods are also available.


ATM Facilities

The campus houses an Axis Bank ATM to meet urgent cash requirement of the students and staff. The ATM provides the best 24x7 service to the users.


Stationery & General Facilities

The campus facilities a stationery-cum-general shop to cater to the day-to-day needs of the students. A variety of stationery items such as books, copies, pens and the daily needs such as soaps, shampoos, oils, napkins etc. are available.

Guest House

You’re Welcome

We take pride in offering our guests the best of hospitality. Parents, visitors enjoy comfort and delicacies of a 3-star hotel at our in – campus guest house. The experienced hospitality staff takes every care in making our guests experience a memorable stay at SDDGPI .